Pédales Marwi SP-810 anti-dérapante (blister)


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Pédales Marwi SP-810 anti-dérapante (blister) 20.95

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Pédales Marwi SP-810 anti-dérapante Product Description and Application A bicycle pedal with « non-slip » tread areas on both sides and a sturdy aluminium body. specially designed to use on city. trekking and hybrid bikes. CARACTERISTICAS The pedals are equipped with durable cone ball bearings The pedals come with integrated and approved retro-reflectors on both sides INFORMACION TECNICA Pedal type « 2 Component Pedal » comes with: Aluminium body. die cast. shiny ball polished Tread surfaces made with a TPE (Thermo-Plastic-Elastomer) « non slip » in black. Bearing Adjustable cone ball bearing system. on both sides With 11 x 5/32″ bearing balls each side Axle Boron-steel. heat treated to 75HRA (+/-3) case hardness With 9/16″ x 20TPI threading Retro Reflectors Integrated in cage Approved (BS. JIS. TPP) and in accordance with German StVZO regulations (K370 /K369) Dimensions 103* x 69 x 33 mm (*Length x Width x Height) *Length = maximum pedal length while mounted (protruding out of the crank) Weight 541 g/pair Standards The pedal passed the TÜV test and is certificated to meet the EN standard EN-14764 « City and Trekking Bicycles-Safety requirements and test methods »


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